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The Halton Peel Dental Association offers a dispute resolution service at no cost to its members through our Mediations Committee.

The Mediations Committee acts as a neutral third person who aims to assist the parties to reach a solution to a dispute. The Mediator has no authoritative decision making powers. The Mediator simply acts as facilitator and must maintain impartiality at all times.

The ODA receives requests for mediation from the public and refers these matters to the HPDA Mediations Committee chair. The ODA takes the position that all communications made for the purpose of resolving disputes through the ODA mediation program are protected by privilege. All parties are required to agree in writing that all communications are privileged and confidential and are not intended to be used in any future legal proceedings before a court of law or by an administrative tribunal.

To access this service patients should call the ODA at 416-922-3900 and ask about the Patient-Mediation Program.

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